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Juli 28, 2008

The visitor as a protagonist at the Cologne Rheinauhafen is constantly fanned by an organism of new and old, digital and analogue, known and unknown. The talking towers take up this status and make it visually graspable, whereas the tower (as a synonym for an inside and outsight view) experiences a partial change in function: The scaffolding of the tower as a symbol of processuality, presence and simplicity and the opposite high-rise as a symbol of progress and future are both platforms for actions, controllable and learnable by humans. It comes to a coupling reaction, interaction and connection of things being digital and analogue, human and technical, graspable and virtual.

By means of interacting, the visitor is able to influence sequences of video projections. Thus, interplay of action and reaction between the real and virtual person takes place, as well as interplay between real and virtual individuals among each other.

Protagonists are transferred into foreign, familiar, distorted or bizarre worlds. Desire and veracity are just as impeded as things being graspable and (un-)conceivable. The human image as an allegory for representation of agility is in the focus of architectural scenery and exemplifies that what with structural engineering visions and superlatives, the human being still takes centre stage. His actions however, experience a projection back to virtuality. Human and technology, nature and artefact are in one dialogue. They have been coalesced for a long time.

The matter is pointed metaphorically and now up for discussion:
How „real“ are virtual things and how virtual is „reality“. Furthermore a convergence of the new Rheinauhafen to its urban environment takes place: the virtual presence on the window screens is signalizing:
The (human being at the) Rheinauhafen looks at Cologne and vice versa. A (re)start of an intimate friendship. The visitor becomes part of the premises (at least temporary and virtually), that would probably be a mystery to him otherwise. Human beings ought to be a part of the harbour, the harbour an open medium.


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